Dating For Jesus: The World of Christian Dating

The world of Christian dating can be a confusing one to onlookers but it can be a very exciting and holy place for those participating in the ultimate crusade. Christians also have needs and wants like the rest of secular society and it is for this reason that God created Christian dating. In fact, God was happy on the day He created Christian dating and He made it into a spectacle that many people have tried to recreate since.

Of course, something about Christian dating makes a person wonder if God has a sense of humor or not. Dating as a whole confirms that He most certainly does; we scramble to impress our dates and make fools of ourselves on a regular basis and I’m sure God’s laughing at us somewhere.

The Christian dating scene is much like any other dating scene except some of the social pressures are different. There is less emphasis, in most circles, on the sexuality of dating as a whole. There are Christians, however, that hold to more secular values on sexuality and are as prone to those pressures.

There are others that stand on different ground and offer a different perspective as to the sexual pressures of dating: abstinence. Many of these people save themselves for marriage and, thus, as a result look for like-minded partners with the same values. There is nothing more confusing to a person’s value system than dating someone with a desire to go where you do not want to go.

Serving One Master

In essence, the world of dating in Christian circles can be drastically different from dating in secular circles. The entire focus of the relationship is generally on a different objective. For Christian dating, the focus is more apt to be aimed towards a Higher Power or a broader focus on a general sense of helping out the fellow human beings and making the world a better place.

This is often the forming point for the relationship, as Christian daters come together with one will and one goal in mind for their relationship: the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Secular daters, on the other hand, are not as likely to hold to that focus.

It is the notion of having other values than the rest of the world. Of course, these other values permeate into the dating lifestyles of the daters and influence where they are headed and how fast they go there. This refers to the speed in which the physical aspect of the relationship is pursued. Some prefer not to pursue it at all, while others aim for a slower pursuit and take the time to listen to what God wants. It is all up to the person and their faith, to make Christian dating as fun as any other type of dating.

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