A Non-Traditional Idea: Indian Dating

Traditionally, in Indian culture, marriages are arranged by the families, sometimes even when the couple are still children. There is not really any such thing as casual Indian dating in India. Times change however, and at least in the United States, some Indians have taken the non-traditional way of actually dating someone and getting to know them before marriage.

Arranged marriages are not necessarily a bad thing, especially in Indian culture. The big idea behind arranged marriages is that parents try to help their children make the best choices for their lives. Their age and experience can help their children make a better decision. Today, more and more families are working together to decide on a suitable marriage.

Indian Dating in a Modern World

Even though times change and many more Indians are dating before marriage, there are still quite a few things that are desired in any future husband or wife. A large chunk of Indians, if not most, are Hindu. Often a person’s religion is very important to them, and the only way you can really find another Hindi is to look into Indian dating groups or websites. This is especially true since most people in the United States are not Hindu, so you are probably not going to casually run into someone who believes in the same things you do.

Generally speaking, education is also very important to Indian society. Therefore, it is not likely that you will marry another Indian who is not as educated as you are. However, most Indians are very well educated, so the chance of meeting another Indian who is not at all educated is remote.

In India itself, the social structure and caste system are very rigid, and Indian dating is almost nonexistent. It is almost unheard of to marry someone outside your social class. Even though this may sound discriminatory, it is a way of life in India. For Indians in the United States, it may or may not be as big of a factor in who they are going to date. Again, this will completely depend on individual preference and background.

There are quite a few Indian dating websites, specifically for those who are looking for other Indians to date. Even though dating is a rather new concept in Indian society, it is likely that it will continue to be more and more common, and arranged marriages will become less common as the years go by. Whichever route you decide to find someone to date, whether it is an Indian dating site or a social gathering, take your time becoming acquainted with the other person. Who knows, what the future holds for you!

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