Modern Jewish Dating

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like it can be really hard to meet someone who is nice, funny, and all of the other things you may be looking for in a mate? If you are of Jewish descent and looking for someone to date who is also Jewish, it may be even harder. This could be because there aren’t that many others in your area who are Jewish or simply because you are having a difficult time connecting with the type of people you want to find.

Internet dating may have made the process of Jewish dating a little easier for those who are trying to meet new people. There are numerous sites on the internet that are dedicated to Jewish dating, and the profiles of the members are geared more towards those of the Jewish faith.

Online Jewish Dating and You

Quite a few of the really good Jewish dating sites are free. Several of them even let you browse around before you join as a free member to decide if you like the site or if it offers what you are looking for.

Jewish dating sites are geared towards the questions that someone may have who is of the Jewish faith. Some of the questions included in the profiles relate to the Sabbath and kosher. The sites allow those who have their profiles on the site to convey how they deal with their faith.

Specific questions include: what your religious orientation is (conservative, etc.), whether you keep Kosher, if you go to synagogue, whether you keep Shabbat, and what your ethnicity is (Ashkenazi, etc.). Of course these questions go along with all the other standard questions such as age, height, children, hair color, and so on.

Most of the Jewish dating sites take precautions, and you do have to be a member of the site to contact anyone you may be interested in. Usually, online dating sites will also supply their members with an e-mail address through their site or an inbox on their site for security purposes.

If Internet dating makes you a little nervous, you can always browse around the sites and see if any of them might work for you. You never know what kinds of interesting people you may find online. If you have tried most other forms of Jewish dating, you might give online dating a try and see how you like it. Even if it’s not for you, at least you will know why, and will have given it a try.

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