Getting Political With Lesbian Dating

Many people want to avoid hornet’s nests of political issues while other people aim to confront those issues head on. It is for this reason that lesbian dating is still a political and social issue for our time. When people see lesbians out on a date or as a couple, there are still feelings of resentment or other negative feelings that are procured from onlookers. This is because we are not yet living in a society that has adjusted its moral compass to changing times. While people do respect sticking to your original values, they do not understand holding other people to their standards.

Life is about being an individual and doing as you feel, following your heart and engaging people in love and compassion. Lesbian dating is this for many people, as are other forms of dating that people may not agree with. There is a difference, however, between not agreeing with someone but loving them despite that and not agreeing with someone and continuing to vocally protest the notion of your disagreement. It is this that many people marvel at. It is hard to believe that a government has so little to be concerned with that homosexuality is a concern to them.

Unfair Targeting

Lesbian dating has been unfairly targeted by several people aiming to make a point for themselves. These people wish to assert their own values in the world they live in but still do not hold strong to their commitments. They have no sense of privacy or freedom for the individual and wish to impose themselves on others in a sense that is neither biblically supported nor supported by any amendment in the constitution or any law. Regardless of the overwhelming steps taken to prevent this ideology of intolerance, there are those that still step out on the ledge against lesbian dating and other practices.

These are people that struggle with values and morals of their own. These are people that cannot find it in their hearts to accept another lifestyle and live their own lives. Lesbian dating will not cause great wars or calamities in the world, but it may cause such things in the hearts of the detractors that cannot let personal bias and prejudice rest silently where it belongs. For this reason, there will always be a fight between sides that will aim to tear apart our social fabric.

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